Rags to Riches is the classic American Dream. You can be anything and anyone if you work hard enough. But is that really still true? Did the people who live in poverty just not try hard enough? The American Dream has definitely changed. Its become more personal, more complex. Being famous, being internet famous, or just going to school without spending your life paying off your debt. That is what young people today dream of. For a lot of them these might be reachable, but hard work isn't all you need anymore. You need luck, you need money, you need privilege. A lot of people lack at least one, if not all of those things. Large numbers of them are young immigrants who came to this country to pursue their American Dream only to realize that they don't qualify. Yet these people, mainly Hispanic in origin, refuse to give up. They strive for the classic version of the American Dream. To simply live, love, support their family and have security. Everyday they fight for this simple desire, that really is nothing short of a basic human need, even though they are forced into low paying, labor intensive jobs. This same dream is what is used to demonize them in the eyes of society. Their willingness to work any job is painted as stealing our jobs, their illegal status somehow attacks others' legality. Instead of accepting them and making them a part of our society, we try to kick them out and build a fence to make sure they stay out. Yet our country, The United States of America was built on the back of immigrants. So who are they to deny them the same opportunities our families had, no matter how long ago? Why are we threatened by people who want for their future families what ours have today?